Kakashi Cosplay (The Last) from Naruto


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02-04 10:26 John Riley
I was recommenced your website through a message board talking about great cosplay websites, I notice that you do not have any real pictures for your costumes, why is that? I am really interested in the Kakashi The Last movie costume but not sure what it will look like with an actual person wearing it, are they any pictures of people wearing this costume you sell that you have? Is there a special wig that goes with this version of Kakshi's Hokage outfit? Any info would be great appreciated. John
02-04 19:35 CosplayFu (support@cosplayfu.com)
Hello John Riley, this is our commission series, and we will update the actual product photos as soon as possible.  If you order it, we will send you the actual product photos before ship it to you, and our tailor will adjust it if you don't satisfy with it, so please don't worry about this.n_n